Reducing Barriers to Accessing Mental Healthcare

Our MindBeacon platform and clinical solutions reduce barriers to accessing mental healthcare, particularly those created by stigma. We are working to solve challenges related to access, cost and quality of mental healthcare through a digital platform and in-clinic services that match consumer demand and mental health professionals’ availability, while offering mental health benefits plan providers and employers an attractive, cost-effective alternative for their beneficiaries.

Outcomes-Based Focus

We undertake weekly assessments of symptoms using Validated Outcome Measures and disclose assessment results indicating effectiveness of our services. We believe the outcomes experienced by our Clients are consistent with a growing consensus that well-designed and properly implemented protocol-driven TAiCBT can be just as effective as other first-line treatments.

Scalable Platform and Services

Our proprietary platform is scalable and continues to experience significant growth. Our approach for operating and scaling our platform is based on proprietary technology development, process improvement and management practices. Our operational processes, software development and staffing models, including our virtual healthcare team, are designed to work together to create efficiencies and achieve our objectives. Moreover, we standardize our processes and practices so we can efficiently deliver consistent outcomes at scale across existing and new geographies, which we believe will further drive our financial performance.

Proprietary Condition-Specific Protocols

MindBeacon has developed a library of mental health condition-specific care protocols. These protocols have been developed exclusively for the MindBeacon platform and are comprised of content, digital tools, Validated Outcome Measures and clinical provider best practices that improve the fidelity of evidence-based care which in turn improves the likelihood and consistency of outcomes.

Exciting Growth Opportunities

We are focused on creating further growth through implementation of strategic initiatives by i) growing our consumer base and enterprise membership in existing geographies; ii) expanding into new geographies; iii) expand the use cases of the MindBeacon platform and our continuum of care; iv) build and implement our Box Product Offering; and v) invest in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to further enhance capabilities and efficiencies for stakeholders.